Will Ungrip work on my phone?

Ungrip strongly adheres to most flat, non-porous surfaces. It will NOT stick to iPhone X, Apple’s soft-touch silicone cases, and phones with waterproof coating.

Does Ungrip come with extra adhesives?

Yes. Ungrip comes with an extra adhesive in the pack, apart from the one already attached to the Ungrip itself.

Can the 3M adhesives be reused?

Sadly, no. The 3M adhesives can only be used once.

Is Ungrip washable?

Since Ungrip is made from fabric, it can easily be handwashed... or should we say--- fingerwashed. Just use mild hand soap and water and gently rub the strap between your thumb and index finger. Let it air dry for a few hours and you're as good as new! It can also be machine washed using laundry bag/nets, but fingerwashing is more effective.

Can I pick my own Bumper and Strap combination?

We are sorry to say that we do not offer this option as of now.

Are the Specials Collection using real wood and aluminium materials?

No. These materials are not of real wood or aluminuium. They are ABS plastic treated with special processes to simulate wood and aluminium finishes. They still look badass! ;)

In case anyone is wondering why we didn't try to make them using actual wood and aluminium materials: Real wood is not good for this application... the size and shape required for the Bumper is not appropriate for the material. Real aluminium will be too expensive for this price range.

Is Ungrip cool?

Of course!

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